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Fatemeh Pishkhan(c) Light & Composition University

Fatemeh Pishkhan

If not wandering the streets, searching for unique shapes and forms, Fatemeh Pishkhan can be found in her studio, based in Isfahan, Iran. Having experienced a vast range of different genres of photography, Fatemeh is now mainly focused on researching and producing works of contemporary fine art photography leaning beside creative editing, and discovering its minimalistic and formalistic sides.
Samira Rahmati(c) Light & Composition University

Samira Rahmati

Samira Rahmati is a photographer. She was born in Iran and lives in Tehran. She studied photography, Persian language, and literature. She loves traveling and photography, and is currently working as a photographer in the Young Hamshahri Magazine. She loves to portray the life, people, and nature with her photography. She believes, her photographs represent how she looks at life of the people of Iran, their culture, and traditions ...
Sergey Grachev

Sergey Grachev

Sergey Grachev is a photographer based in St.Petersburg, Russia. Specializing in editorial, travel and business photography, who shoots for a large list of national and regional clients. Sergey has become a visionary creative for photography…