Fatemeh Pishkhan

If not wandering the streets, searching for unique shapes and forms, Fatemeh Pishkhan can be found in her studio, based in Isfahan, Iran. Having experienced a vast range of different genres of photography, Fatemeh is now mainly focused on researching and producing works of contemporary fine art photography leaning beside creative editing, and discovering its minimalistic and formalistic sides. She also works professionally as a portrait photographer, having recieved the certificate of studio lighting and portrait photography. She has also been a main member of the Isfahan Photo Club of the Isfahan Youth Cinema Society, in which she also has acted as a member of the head of management for one year. Finally, she has the major desire of being an all-time-traveler, going to remote and undiscovered places.

Best Achievements & Exhibitions
8 works accepted in the Victor Polansky Photo Festival 2017 and gaining the FIAP Ribbon of Honnor in the monochrome category

3 works exhibited in the 15th Photo of the year festival exhibition in the Creative category 2017 winning the prize for the My Iran category added to the Honorable Mention

5 works accepted in the Philharmonia Kyrgyzstan International Festival2018 with honorable mention in the category of Color

The winner of Bukovina international photo competition, Romania 2018 accompanied with FIAP Honnorable Mention

Award Winner
Photo of the Day

Nikon D7000

Lenses and Gears
Nikon 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 and 55-200mm f/4.5-5.6

Some of Fatemeh Pishkhan’s Most Popular Award Achievements