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Baby Kaniel Playing at the Park by Jose Juniel Rivera-Negron

Baby Kaniel Playing at the Park by Jose Juniel Rivera-Negron

While visiting the Island of Puerto Rico, one day I took my niece and her baby Kaniel to the park for a photoshoot. It was a beautiful day, sunny and hot. The park was crowded and the beach was right next to it. While baby Kaniel was playing on the ground and smiling with mommy, I decided to shoot this lovely photograph. I placed the main subject to the side, trying to follow the rule of thirds.

An Ederly Homeless Woman by Jose Juniel Rivera-Negron

This photo was one of the first ones I took that day. After I parked, I walked down the sidewalk and saw this lady just about to lay next to the tree. When she was about to bend her knees to lay down, she looked straight at the camera. I just stood there and took a few shots hoping she didn't get upset.
A Homeless on The Sidewalk by Jose Juniel Rivera-Negron

A Homeless on the Sidewalk by Jose Juniel Rivera-Negron

Every where we go we’ll find them in the streets walking, sitting on the sidewalks, and even laying down sleeping, specially in New York City and other parts in the USA. Walking through the streets of Times Square there was a man sitting on the sidewalk gently counting his money that people been giving while passing by him. Some people helped out, others will ignore, but is real life. I took this photo on his level; maybe it would’ve been better if I took the picture from the side for the background to be blur. However, I’m sure there are going to be better shots.