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Junction by Keith GoldsteinJunction by Keith Goldstein

Junction by Keith Goldstein

There is a junction of three streets near my home, Amsterdam Avenue, 162nd Street, and and St. Nicholas Avenue that I usually pass through on my photo walks. There are always interesting people and faces to photograph in this area. There is a subway stop and a small unnamed triangular park. This woman was hunched over her walker just outside of a bodega on one of the corners. I just liked the peaceful her face, contrary to the hustle all around her.
Blue Chicago by Olga KuleminaBlue Chicago by Olga Kulemina

Blue Chicago by Olga Kulemina

Usually, Chicago Union Station is a super busy and crowded place. Millions of commuters from all over the state cross this architectural gem. Daily, without any attention to unique detail. But at night, this place is colored with cosmic blue light that provides an experience of the parallel reality of the magic spaceship.
Rooftop by Keith GoldsteinRooftop by Keith Goldstein

Rooftop by Keith Goldstein

My wife and I were visiting a friend's ceramic studio in Brooklyn. I am always drawn to windows especially when they are well above our apartment floor home. I looked out of one of the banks of windows and was drawn to the pattern of the quantity of vents and skylights of the rooftop of the adjacent building.
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