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Photo of the day 22052012

On a White Cushion, by Swaroop Singha Roy

One day, while on a vacation, I was trying to shoot few flowers in the Hotel's Garden. There were charming flowers everywhere. I was shooting them with various angles and perspectives, but none of them quite satisfied me. Then suddenly I saw…
Photo of the day 15052012

River Painting, by Swaroop Singha Roy

This shot was taken during my visit to Dumka, Jharkhand (India) to see the Massanjore Dam. In this shot, the blurry scene of the Mayurakshi River. I saw a few boatmen sailing in the river. After I was done with taking the landscape scenery of…
Photo of the day 09052012

Chocolate! by Swaroop Singha Roy

This was a shot taken while I was experimenting with the built in flash. I created a DIY setup to bounce off the built in flash and take the photo. After a lot of trial and error, this one seemed a bit pleasing ! I couldn't find a proper subject…
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