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Quail's Egg Pintxos by May Lawrence

Quail’s Egg Pintxos by May Lawrence

San Sebastien has the best pintxos not only because of the quality for the ingredients and flavours but for their presentation. One of the fun things to do is do go from one Pintxos Bar to another and to a tasting of a few Pintxos in each bar.
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The Beauty in Truth by Ahmed Al.Badawy

“And there is no Conqueror except Allah,” has been presented in Arabic in the core of this frame. One can find these sorts of calligraphy within different patterns at Al.Hambra Palace. It's a long story through the whole space and walls…
Alhambra Honeycomb, by Ahmed Al.Badawy

Alhambra Honeycomb, by Ahmed Al.Badawy

One of the most significance examples of Muqarnas ornament. Alhambra palace is a very famous source for this kind of architecture elements. The looking up view of the hall of Ambassadors is one of the most remarkable photos for Islamic architecture.…