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Rainy Good Bye, by Shahnaz Parvin

Rainy Day Good Bye

This view is like a sentimental, rainy day good bye scene in the movie. However, it is not a movie, but a real life moment. The rain makes the good bye scene more sentimental. In spite of the rain, the boy is bidding good bye to someone on the train, at the window. Another boy carrying umbrella is standing at the other rail track, hunching. The emptiness of the space other than the two boys might give one a feel of loneliness.
The Paperboy, by Shahnaz Parvin

When a Kid Selling Newspaper

A few years after I started working, I visited Jakarta on business trip. It was late 1990. When we were on the road between hotel and office, there were a few paperboys selling newspaper to car drivers and passengers. There was traffic congestion, and the vehicles moved very slowly. The paperboys were very young.
Stand for, Stand with

Stand for, Stand With

We live in the vicious circle of the doomed land and we are sure to get back to that state sooner or later. We'll get back to dust and before we get back to the petty state where we can't do anything, why not make a difference now? Return a…
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