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Photo of the day 12012012s

Lunar Phase, by Kurien Koshy Yohannan

This image is part of a series of images that I am currently working on. The series, when finished, would show the various phases of the moon from crescent to full moon and then back again to crescent. I am aware that this has been done already…
Photo of the day 04012012

A New Day, by Kurien Koshy Yohannan

Captured this image from Stirling Castle (Scotland) looking down on the view below. This just looked like such an idyllic image waiting to be captured. The country house, the trees (a few of them skeletal), the elongated shadows on the ground…
Photo of the day 13102011

Whizzing Round, by Kurien Koshy Yohannan

Once in a year, the festive spirit is palpable in the air and the Edinburgh City Center is transformed into a winter wonderland. Food markets, holly, and yes the Ferris Wheel that attracts many a folk. Was really glad I was able to capture this…
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