What Would Our Ancestors Think?

Have you ever wondered what our ancestors thought while they built extravagant monuments and buildings for themselves? Do you think they ever stopped to wonder what their sons and daughters would think about this grand architecture? Did they ever think their creations could withstand all of nature’s obstacles for centuries, and remain for future generations?

Does this photograph taken by Shikchit Khanal (Kathmandu, Nepal) make you feel nostalgic? It is in the Spiti Valley of India, a monetary said to be one thousand years old. Don’t you just wish you could be there, experience those times, to see and feel that milieu? The peacefulness exhibited by this image invites us to share these thoughts, don’t you think?

Thousand Years Old, by Shikchit Khanal

Thousand Years Old, by Shikchit Khanal

Article written by: Mohiuddin Ahmed
Edited by: Nilla Palmer
Inspired by: Photo of the Day | August 23 | Thousand Years Old, by Shikchit Khanal

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Smarty Jones
Smarty Jones
9 years ago

I love this photo!