The Crossroads of the World

Do you believe your city has a pulse, a rhythm? From Tokyo to Mumbai, from Sydney to Toronto, from Jakarta to New York, from famous, to unknown, every city beats in its own rhythms. They are like human bodies. Like human bodies, over time, cities concentrate problems – congestion, consumption, pollution, violence and inequality.

Cities bring people together, and it has a heart also. This heart bears the heartbeat of the city. It captures the dreams, the despairs of its residents. The pain and sorrows, joys and the tears can be felt through that heartbeat. And if it is a place like Times Square which is always lively and animated, the pulse of the New York City can be felt.

The Crossroads of the World

Times Squareway, by Darrell Sandefur

Look at this photograph, taken by Darrell Sandefur, no wonder people flock around here all the time. It is boisterously busy day-and-night, which represents the ever active stamina of not only the residents of the city, but also the tourists. That is why on a rare occasion when the place which is cited as “The Crossroads of the World” captured with surprisingly near scatter crowd, it provoked another world of surrealism in the mind of the photographer like this photo.

Photo of the Day | April 15 | Times Squareway, by Darrell Sandefur

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Kamruzzaman Sumon
Kamruzzaman Sumon
9 years ago

Dhaka city stand forever.