Sparkling Joys

Today’s insanely busy days, with its technologies and traumas, communication and the gap within it, what do you crave the most after the long day’s end? Some peaceful moments with the tranquility of the setting sun sounds great, no? If not in reality, sure you can catch a glimpse of the Dusk and Daylilies in your very own Light and Composition reflection page!

Have a look at the photograph by James Brown. Can you see the sparkling joys of nature for having been there for another day and then, the peaceful trance of letting go and closing it for today? Only man rushes on, but the silent prayer running through the wind, don’t you feel as if the flowers, the sky, the setting sun all are echoing the same rhythmic mantra of life and its cycle? Share your thoughts with me!

Dusk and Daylilies, by James Brown

Dusk and Daylilies, by James Brown

Article written by: Ridita Mizan
Inspired by: Photo of the Day | June 29 | Dusk and Daylilies, by James Brown

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