Valeria Dorogova

Valeria Dorogova, a native of Russia currently residing in Moscow, is a passionate photographer with a unique approach to capturing the essence of people through her lens. Specializing in living, breathing portraits, Valeria’s work reflects her ideas, feelings, and thoughts, allowing her to create a diverse range of imagery that celebrates the rich tapestry of human experience.
Refusing to be confined to a single style or color palette, Valeria embraces the vibrant spectrum of colors found in the world around her, constantly exploring new techniques and perspectives. She finds inspiration in nature, preferring to shoot with natural light to imbue her portraits with an authentic atmosphere and vitality. Valeria believes that each person she photographs tells a different story, evoking a distinct emotion and capturing a unique moment in life.
With her dynamic and ever-evolving approach to photography, Valeria Dorogova continues to push boundaries and create captivating portraits that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Best Achievements, Educational Background, and Exhibition

Participant of the exhibition of family and children’s photography “Emotions Expo”
According to “35 photo awards”:
top 100 “art photo”
top 3 “image from the film”
top 11 “food photo” top 15 “smile”
top 14 “pregnant”

Award Winner
Photo of the Day

Camera Gears

Nikon D610
Nikon 24-85mm f2.8 macro
Nikon nikkor 50mm f1.4
Nikon nikkor 85mm f1.8
Nikkon nikkor 105mm f2.8 macro
Prophoto A1

Some of Valeria Dorogova’s Most Popular Award Achievements

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