Luca Brunetti

Luca Brunetti, a 53-year-old HR manager residing in Liguria, Italy, finds solace and inspiration through his lifelong passion for photography. With a keen eye for detail, Luca’s photography journey is a testament to his deep appreciation for the intricacies of human nature, the breathtaking beauty of natural landscapes, and the vibrant energy of urban environments.
Fascinated by the nuances of human behavior, Luca enjoys observing people and capturing their unique characteristics through his lens. His portraits reflect an intimate understanding of his subjects, capturing their essence with authenticity and depth.
In addition to his fascination with people, Luca finds joy in exploring the wonders of nature. Through his photography, he seeks to convey the timeless beauty and serenity found in the natural world, inviting viewers to join him in moments of contemplation and awe.

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Fuji Xt-2
Samsung s8

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