Bishal Dangal

Born In Nepal, pursuing the art of making pictures whenever he gets a respite from work. Wandering the streets, backpacking across the Himalayas and learning to understand the balance of nature and life. Pursuing photography as a hobby but slowly but surely falling in love with the whole ritual of thought process to the final edit of capturing the moment.

Current Location
Kathmandu, Nepal



Best Achievements & Exhibitions
Khayyam 2017 Festival( 1 accept)
Khayyam Festival 2018( 3 accept) Croatia 2018( 2 accept )
Tajik Festival 2018( 5 accept)
Philharmonic 2018( 4 accept)

Award Winner
Photo of the Day

Nikon D7000

Lenses and Gears
18-105 Nikkor

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