André Cis

André Cis, born in 1984 into a family deeply rooted in the hospitality industry, honed his skills from a young age. After completing his education at the prestigious “Villa Blanka” institute in Innsbruck, André delved into various aspects of gastronomy and hotel management. With a passion for fine dining and wine, he garnered extensive expertise in these fields. Following his training, André dedicated a year to civil service, supporting mentally handicapped individuals.
In 2005, André assumed leadership of the family business, transforming it into a boutique hotel and restaurant renowned for its wine and fine dining offerings. In 2011, he ventured into freelance journalism and consultancy, spurred by the encouragement of peers.
Residing in Kartitsch with his family, André has served on the Tyrolean Sommelier Association since 2004 and contributed over a decade to the Junior Chamber International, Austria chapter.

Current Location
Tyrol, province of Lienz




Best Achievements, Educational Background, and Exhibition

Photo-Exhibition in Singapore
CD-Cover-photo and Inlet photos for a local rock-band
Many publications for Austrian food and wine, travel print-media

Award Winner
Photo of the Day

Camera Gears

CPS (Canon Pro) 151048133

Canon EOS 5D IV with an array of tele, macro, wide angle and prime-lenses from Canon, Sigma and others.
Portable studio equipment mostly from Walimex
Product / Object shooting light-box from OrangeMonkey (Folio)

various Tripods and other gear

Some of André Cis’s Most Popular Award Achievements

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