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Splendid Fireworks!

When I was a kid, I loved to see the fireworks up in the sky! With sparkling lights scattered through the night, it seemed so grand, so splendid to my little mind that I never quite get over the craving for fireworks till today. Those swirls…

The Mysterious Old Man

Do you know this old man in the photo? Look at him carefully, to his dirty clothes, his tired eyes and yet his hard working hands doing their job forcefully. Do all these things remind you of something, something you have known from the very…
Photo of the day 18022012

Sunset in Maasai Land, by Orhan Aksel

I captured this photograph in Masai Mara region of Kenya in August 2010. I used an SB900 with a beamer (Justin-clamped to the jeep) to camera right. It was rather difficult, because I also used a 30-some year old manual zoom lens (Vivitar Series…