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Tucson Twilight by Jack HoyeTucson Twilight by Jack Hoye

Tucson Twilight by Jack Hoye

This photo was taken using Apple iPhone during the summer of 2023 outside of Tucson, Arizona, Untied States. This image features views of a cacti covered hillside from the windows and balconies of a hotel hidden in the outer limits of the Tucson area. I was taken aback by the natural occurring light and composition of this area during nightfall.
Camouflage by Giulia AvonaCamouflage by Giulia Avona

Camouflage by Giulia Avona

Cute little ducklings hiding in plain sight, perfect example of camouflage, they were probably waiting for the mother's return, we felt so lucky to have noticed them. The area is the Mincio River once again in Northern Italy province of Mantova, rich in biodiversity and ducklings during the spring season
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