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From the award-winning photographers to writers, our educators, top academics, students, the university press team members, volunteers, and the subscribers together make what Light & Composition is today. Each one of them add something different every day. If you have the willingness to help, or you have the technical expertise and writing power, you are most welcome to contribute.

A University for Collaborative Learning

This is a university for collaborative learning; there are thousands of pages, awards, articles, books, guides, and research publications, if you see a problem that you can fix, please do so. We encourage everyone to copyedit pages and add content to our publication if they have the knowledge about the topic and willing to do the necessary research to improve it.

You may contribute to Light & Composition anonymously, but we highly recommend to login to your account, which will keep the record of your contribution with points. You can use the points to get contribution discount for university press publications, courses, and award registration and renewal.

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