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The "Kula" Artist by Shovan Acharyya

The “Kula” Artist by Shovan Acharyya

"Kula" is one sort of kitchenware for cleaning residue of any sorts of yields like paddy, rice, dal and so forth This wonderful specialty is thoroughly hand made. To make a Kula not a simple methodology. To make it bamboo gathered structure wilderness , they cut it , clean it and weaving the bamboo fit as a fiddle. What's more, after a long cycle at last the Kula prepared to utilize. The cycle is imaginative and conventional for Bangladesh. There have barely any lady who doesn't utilize it. However, presently a days its getting supplanted by plastic . Individuals are getting use to utilizing plastic made Kula which is unhygienic and danger for nature. What's more, subsequently This Kula make is going to terminated. Also, who work and live on this art , lost their advantage to make this excellent art.
The Dreamer by Shovan Acharyya

The Dreamer by Shovan Acharyya

''I was just 16 when i got married . It was very harsh time for me when I want not to getting married but study. i always like to weaving cloths, begs or other crafty things. It was my dream that i will be owner of a shop but luck doesn't support that time. Now mother of three children and family is bigger then before. my husband is and farmer and its very tough for him to run the whole family. Now a days I'm also working with the inspiration of my husband .its feel very Proud for me when I can contribute my family by earning. And also happy, when my work is my hobby. When customer buy my product and they appreciate my work, i cant explain what I feel.. One day I must bring my dream true.'' - This is how she express her dream to me. I feel very proud to be a photographer when someone told his story and trust me. I love my work very much.