We Are Hiring

Professional Event Photographers

As one of the most prominent universities for photography and photojournalism, we want our presence in every city of the world. We are hiring photographers from your location to represent us and cover local events on our behalf.

The event photographer job is typically assigned to our current students of photography/photojournalism major, portrait or fundamentals of photography diploma, however, if you are a professional photographer and your level of expertise is as good as our students, you are most welcome to work for us.

What’s Your Level of Expertise

Please fill up your preferred work location, your name, contact information, and answer the questions below.

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The location from where you will represent us and cover local events on behalf of us.
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Do you have an International Press Card?*
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How many photography awards did you win so far?*
Students from Light & Composition University typically win a few prestigious photography awards every couple of months.
Have you ever get enlisted in the world’s top 100 photographers list?*
Most of our students are already on the world’s top 100 photographers list.
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