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Waiting by Evdokiya Witwicki

Waiting by Evdokiya Witwicki

The photo was taken in the old garden in Geneva on 02/28/2020. These were the last happy days before the COVID crisis, border closures and long separation from family and friends. There was anxiety and a feeling of uncertainty in the air, tense anticipation and hope that no matter what, everything would be fine. An old, muddy, but beloved and in its own way dear lantern - as a symbol of a long wait in the same place, a symbol of static.

I said freeze! by Jana Z

Geneva is known for the lake and every winter also for the frozen benches and trees that look like they're growing Swarovski crystals. This happens when cold wind splashes water from the lake over the benches and objects around the lake (including…

Secret Life of a Spoon, by Jana Z

This photo is one in the series of photos portraying a secret life that a spoon lives when left alone by human beings who go to work every day. In this photo, the spoon has the luxury of taking an afternoon nap, after having been reading a bit…