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The Most Frequently Asked Questions

We at Light and Composition want to thank you for showing interest in our books, articles, the most prestigious award, and our university education. Here are the answers of most frequently asked questions we get every day.

Which photography book is best for me?

Thank you for showing interest in buying our books. You might wonder, “Why buy your books?” You are not the first one to ask this question. We get this sort of question asked by many people every day.
The answer to this question depends on you, because every individual is at a different level of understanding of photography. Let’s say, when you start reading the book, The Quintessence of Photography: Understanding Composition, it will first guide you through the fundamentals of photography.

Then reading further, you will analyze the standard of photography, as well as learn how you can deal with elements of composition. As this book is vast and covers almost every aspect of photography which a person must know in order to become a good photographer, it will guide you step by step.

However, if you want to learn how to handle your camera and want to know some basics, like depth of field, metering, and using the zone system, then the best book for you is The Essence of Close-up Photography, as close-up photography requires more in-depth understanding of the technical side, and once you have this knowledge, then you can truly utilize the advanced technical discussion in the section “Art & Science” in the book The Quintessence of Photography.

In a nutshell, if you want to master the knowledge of the field of photography, it would be advisable for you to buy two of these books in our special visualization and composition bundle, “Mastering Photography”.

If you are a nature photographer, or would like to start nature photography, then you need to get the “Hello Explorer” bundle. Then again, if you want to buy a single book, we suggest you to visit our books section, and get the book which you need most.

Should I order a photographic bundle or a separate photography book?

If you buy a bundle, you are getting a discount over purchasing the book separately. However many people first want to know how much they can learn from these books, so they only order a single book. Among those people ordering a single book, 95% of them come back to our store within 2 hours and get all our books. So, the choice is in your hands, and our suggestion is, please read about each of the book individually from our books section, and get the book which you need most. Hope that will help you in choosing the right book for you.

I am new to photography. Can I benefit from these books?

Yes, definitely! You can benefit more than anyone else from these books. Do you know why? Because, in order to make a perfect composition, one needs the skill with proper technical understanding and knowledge of composition, and for that our books will be your perfect guide. They will give you technical understanding first and then more to its core, the essence and art of it. However, just remember, understanding is far different than memorizing. You understand a concept when you can apply it, and through that, you can add a creative touch and make it artistic. Our books will not only help develop your artistic skills but also, they will help to hone your technical understanding.

I have already bought books from Image of the Centuries. Do I need to buy the new edition again?

No, you do not need to buy these new editions. You will get the copy of new edition within weeks. However, as you can understand, we have a huge client list and if by mistake the new editions do not reach to your email within that time, please let us know. Our support team will always be happy to help you.

How can I get the hard copy of Light & Composition publication?

We do not support hard copy. For more than half a decade, we are one of the most successful e-publishers in the field of art and photography. Despite the leading e-publisher, we are not here to replace paper books. Instead, goals of Light & Composition Books and Light & Composition University Press are to provide an alternative reading choice for the lover of technology and most importantly, for preserving our beautiful green planet. Creating opportunities for writers and photographers, and expressing their unique vision through our books, magazines, award, and university are some of our key steps to showcase the real image of our civilization.

Can I make a print of your book?

Simply NO! To ensure copyrights and protect its piracy we cannot give permission to anyone to print our books. For this reason, we do not support any print in our PDF version of the book.

Is there any discount on your books?

Yes, we give a generous amount of discount through the contribution reward. Please check our Contribution Reward Policy