An Exclusive Interview with Tisha Clinkenbeard

Tisha Clinkenbeard works have been in exhibits at The Fine Arts Center of Hot Springs, Black Box Gallery in Portland, and in several fine art shows in Texas. She believes photography captured her years ago before we had the digital wonders for cameras. Her life offers many opportunities to capture the things that she sees as she wanders this earth. Her goal is to share what she finds Round & About – which was the inspiration for her photo blog: Two of Tisha’s photos have been appeared in the Birds & Blooms monthly online newsletter – April and December of 2011.

In this “Exclusive Interview” section, today we have the opportunity to talk with Tisha Clinkenbeard, as her photograph was winner of Photo of the Month – 47th Month, 2nd Place. Let’s discover more about Tisha Clinkenbeard, and her forays into photography in the following interview with her.

An Exclusive Interview with Tisha Clinkenbeard

An Exclusive Interview with Tisha Clinkenbeard, winner of Photo of the Month – 47th Month, 2nd Place.

Light & Composition: Greetings from Light & Composition, Tisha. How does it feel being selected as the winner of Photo of the Month, 47th Month, 2nd Place?

Tisha Clinkenbeard: It is extremely exciting and I am honored to be selected as the 2nd place winner of Photo of the Month. I love sharing my photos with people and adding a bit of color and happiness to their day.

L&C: Your photographs “Spring Lily” was selected as Photo of the Month, is a wonderful close-up photography with artistic perspective, correct lighting, and very well presented. Overall, a great composition! Tell us more about your experience of taking this photograph.

Spring Lily, by Tisha Clinkenbeard

Spring Lily, by Tisha Clinkenbeard

Tisha: My late mother-in-law planted many varieties of lilies in one of our flower beds, as we live in the house my husband grew up in and each time I take a photo of the flowers I am reminded of her. I specifically love the lilies because of the very light color of the center of the flower, in this case yellow, against the dark petal colors. My favorite part is always the pollen, or as I call it the “pixy dust”, on the flower.

L&C: Besides this winning photograph, many people liked and voted for other photographs of yours in the Photo of the Month contest. You must be proud. How do you see your journey to the world of photography so far?

Tisha: It is a journey of learning, paying attention to details, perspectives and, most of all, appreciation for what I have been blessed to see and then to share via the photos.

L&C: As we know, you are from the city of Texas in USA. Do you think the rich diverse cultural and artistic heritage of United States portrayed a different essence to you?

Tisha: I grew up in rural Texas small town. I’ve lived in the big cities. Since the majority of my photos are nature oriented I think they are influenced by my rural upbringing. Traveling has truly become an influence over the last year and a half. Whether it be big city or rural America I love sharing the adventure with people.

L&C: Do you like a particular genre of photography and if so, why?

Tisha: Not any particular genre appeals to me more than others. I look for the beauty, different perspective, moments and places that are relevant in my adventures. I really am a “click as I go along” photographer.

L&C: One of the keys to any style of photography is visualization. Please tell us how you started this process and what you did afterwards.

Tisha: When I first think that I want to take a photo of something I tend to look at it from different physical perspectives and also from different mental/emotional perspectives. For instance, I get down to the level of flowers – on my knees so as I am not taking a photo standing over the flower. I try to find the interesting viewpoint on the photos – not just the normal view.

L&C: Have you ever exhibited your work? If so, then tell us about your first exhibiting experience.

Tisha: My first exhibit was at the Hot Springs Fine Art Center in Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA. I was very honored and excited to share two of my photos in a juried exhibit. To be chosen was an honor and to know that my photos would be shared with people for a month was a joyous feeling.

L&C: Are you involved with any photography organizations? How does this help you in your photography?

Tisha: I try to follow photographer groups in various social media outlets. Most of the time I feel that I don’t quite fit in with the “normal” photographer – I don’t own a DSLR and I don’t usually go out with a specific purpose to take photos – unless I am traveling and then it is with the intent to capture the experience. But I do learn from the conversations in the groups that I follow.

L&C: What advice would you give our readers who want to take part in the journey around the world with photography?

Tisha: It’s all about sharing. Do you want to share your photo? Do you want to share your story? If yes, then go for it.

L&C: Thank you, Tisha, for sharing your feelings and experiences with us.

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