An Exclusive Interview with Aarthi Ramamurthy

Aarthi currently lives in Seattle, WA. She spends most of her day in front of computers, and then spends the rest of the time running, hiking, and exploring the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, as well as tinkering with electronic gadgets. She’s been interested in photography for as long as she can remember.She currently owns a Canon 450D with a variety of lenses and is particularly fond of macro photography.

The first camera she used was a film camera that her dad owned. He would let her use it occasionally and it got her hooked. Later on, she got her first digital camera in college (a Samsung point-n-shoot) and spent endless hours (and lots of storage on her laptop )taking photos. They were mostly photos of nature – flowers, insects, landscapes and such, and it really helped her learn about digital photography.

Aarthi’s education and current job could not be more unrelated to photography, and she thinks that’s good. Photography, until now, has always been a hobby for her. It’s something she pursues when she finds time, and she has always thought of it as a release from the stress and drama of day-to-day life.

We will discover more about Aarthi and her forays into photography in the following interview with her.

Exploring the Intricacies of Photography with Passion - Part 2

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