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Fragrant Oils, by Nilla Palmer

Fragrant Oils, by Nilla Palmer

Meandering down the passageways of Chefchaouen in the subdued dusk, the fragrant scent of oils captured my attention until stumbling upon its source; a tiny shop, laden with sacks of spices and jars of colourful oils. Using the doorway instead…
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Escort, by Nilla Palmer

The corridors of Chefchaouen can be daunting and confusing at the best of times; conducive to getting lost, especially at 2 year’s old and vulnerable. It’s always comforting to be with an escort that can guide you through paths that close…
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Crossing my Path, by Nilla Palmer

Situated high in the Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen is one of Morocco’s most colourful towns and renown for buildings painted in many shades of blue-rinsed hues. Wander the hidden ancient alleyways and find yourself in a quaint little tea house,…
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