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Truck Driver, by Benjamin Lee(c) Light & Composition

Skiing World

Have I ever experienced skiing? Well, I haven't even seen anyone doing it yet, but I was very close to experience, I'll tell you how. Once few friends and I went to the only skiing spot in the country. As we were going there for the first time, we didn't know the exact route to it. We lost the way and came back. When we looked at the map afterwards, we found out that we traveled nearly 800 km and missed the place by few. It was very disappointing.
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Luck of the Draw by Benjamin Lee

Tin Hau Temple is located just of Nathan Road, Kowloon. Nathan Road is one of the busiest roads in Hong Kong with hundreds and thousands of people walking along it - no matter what time of day/ night. Typically in Hong Kong, within all the hustle…
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Truck Driver by Benjamin Lee

In early January this new year I was lucky to travel to Niseko, Japan and their fresh power. I had never skied in Japan but I had only heard good things so I was pretty excited. On the way over we were delayed trying to land because there was…