Pink Scene by Ignacio Amenábar

Every year the festival of the “La Virgen de la Merced” on Isla de Maipo brings together local people and tourists to see the parade of the emblematic Chilean characters. Looking the other way you can see people waiting for the parade, this is usually as attractive as the parade itself.

SONY SLT-A57 | Exposure 1/4000sec @ f/3.5 | Focal Length 18mm | ISO 400

Pink Scene by Ignacio Amenábar

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March 29, 2023



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Ignacio Amenábar Ladrón de Guevara was born in Santiago de Chile in December 1986. His mother was an illustrator, his father a publicist, his great-grandfather a painter, and his grandfather a photographer. Probably these family influences led him to be a graphic designer by profession where he worked for 10 years in advertising agencies. He is currently working as a graphic designer accompanying his projects with illustration and photography, which he also practices as much of the time as possible.

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Santiago, Chile


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