Leisure Under Big Sky of Spring by Shovan Acharyya

To collect stones and sand from the jadukata river is the main occupation of the people of laborer gorh, a village near border of India. Collecting stone and sand is not an easy job. From down to dusk its very hard work. After a whole day of hard work they meet one another and gossip, and in such a remote area aimlessly gossiping is the best entertainment. In photograph, people enjoy the big dusky sky of spring.

Canon EOS 6D Mark II | Exposure 1/250sec @ f/22 | ISO 500 | Focal Length 35mm

Leisure Under Big Sky of Spring by Shovan Acharyya

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February 23, 2023



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Born in Sunamgonj, a small town in Bangladesh, but lives in Dhaka now, Shovan has completed Masters from University of Chittagong in Economics, but is a passionate photographer. He works in a literature and lifestyle magazine as a photographer. He has completed Basic Photography and Foundation course from Pathshala. He likes to work all branches of photography, but his favorite sectors of photography are landscapes, lifestyle, and wildlife photography. He wants to build up his career as a professional photographer.

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Dhaka, Bangladesh




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