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Art in The Tunnel by Wilfried ClausArt in The Tunnel by Wilfried Claus

Art in The Tunnel by Wilfried Claus

The pedestrian tunnel crosses under the two tracks of the small station of Pulheim, a medium-sized town west of Cologne. The special feature of the tunnel is located on the side walls: an art installation by Sigrid Lange, an artist from North Rhine-Westphalia. The frieze of pictures shows individual people brought to the fore as walkers or jogging or similar, just like the two passers-by with dogs coming towards the photographer. As in many other cities, graffiti defaces the white walls.
A Actions of Dark Shadows by Karthick SaravananA Actions of Dark Shadows by Karthick Saravanan

A Actions of Dark Shadows by Karthick Saravanan

In the hushed tranquility of early morning, atop a rooftop, a diligent worker meticulously tends to their task. With tools crafted from hardened wax, they deftly shift sand from one place to another, orchestrating a delicate dance of movement and light. As the morning sun casts its golden rays, the worker's silhouette stretches across the rooftop, painting a mesmerizing tapestry of shadows. Each movement is choreographed with precision, a silent symphony of labor and dedication unfolding against the backdrop of the awakening cityscape. In this monochromatic tableau, the stark contrast between light and shadow becomes a canvas upon which the worker's industrious spirit is etched. Their silhouette, bathed in sunlight, embodies the timeless beauty of human endeavor, a fleeting moment captured in the stillness of dawn.
Confusion by Leanne LindsayConfusion by Leanne Lindsay

Confusion by Leanne Lindsay

In the dark, abandoned tunnels below Sydney, people try to find their way, but the light is confusing for it does not give direction but shines in all directions while still not giving off enough light to show the way. The people stop to get their bearing, to find their way, but it is hopeless. The harshness of the lights and shadows forbodes the stark and unfriendly world they find themselves in. The darkness is oppressive, and it seems to close in on the two people who are walking through the tunnel. The shadows are menacing, and they suggest that there is something dangerous lurking in the darkness. The light from the bulbs is not enough to dispel the darkness, and it only makes the shadows seem more frightening.
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