Yes, But Why Dad? by Federica Longhin

On the train, a little boy sits next to his father, their journey is made more pleasant by the rhythmic sound of its movement. The boy’s face is animated with curiosity, his eyes bright as he asks why dad, and a series of questions one after the other. He seems fascinated by the world around him, and his father patiently answers each query with a smile. In the black and white candid moment, their faces are captured with striking detail, emphasizing their love and warmth for each other. The bond between father and son is palpable, and it’s clear that this journey is more than just a train ride.

iPhone Xs | Exposure f/1.7 @ 1/480sec | ISO 20 | Focal Length 28m

Yes, But Why Dad? by Federica Longhin

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Federica Longhin was born in Bolzano, but her heart has always been in Milan, where she developed a deep love for the arts. Currently residing in Vicenza, she works as an Art Director, but her true passion lies in photography. Federica has a soulful approach to capturing moments, often seeking out fellow travelers as the subjects of her work. Her love for travel and exploration inspires much of her art. Federica’s unique style is characterized by her preference for black and white photography, which she believes allows for greater creative expression and imagination.

Her love for storytelling is evident in her work, which often focuses on capturing the essence of a moment or a person’s journey. Train stations hold a special place in Federica’s heart, as they represent the possibility of adventure and new experiences. She also has a penchant for the night, the ambiance of a cozy bar counter, and the scent of fog. Federica is an avid music lover, and while she may not be a skilled guitar player, she always has a good tune in her head.

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Vicenza, Italy


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