Plates with Playfulness and Charm by Catherine Ferraz

This photograph was taken at Salt Plage Beach Restaurant located in Antigua. The plate speaks for itself in the character and charm, the plantain is very proud and seems quite excited, and vibrant red pepper roasted to perfection holds unough texture and sweetness. It reminds me of the something from the cat in the hat movie… The natural light at the beach in the mid-morning assisted in enhancing the vibrant colors and texture of the ingredients. Locally grown plantain and sweet peppers are the star here, such a fun way of plating.

Plates with Playfulness and Charm by Catherine Ferraz

Nikon D3100 with 40mm Macro | Exposure 1.124 sec @ f/5.6 | ISO 100 | Focal length 40mm

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December 1, 2022



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Catherine is a food photographer and copywriter based in Antigua. Growing up in Trinidad and Antigua exposing her to the greatest of food cultures from a very young age. Immersed in a culture of food, cocktails, and wine starting has translated into a keen eye for simple beauty with a love affair for authentic cuisine. She believes that every dish and product is unique and has its own beauty. Her aim as a photographer is to provide the best setting for each individual creation to be beautifully authentic.

Catherine strives to capture the story behind the dish. Her goal with food photography is always to create an emotional connection. For Catherine, food is not just a bunch of ingredients combined. Food represents memories in time, heritage, culture, and love. A desire to get up close and personal with each dish, and showcase its beauty from the eyes of the creator as opposed to merely the eyes of the beholder.

Current Location
St. John’s, Antigua


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  1. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    Catherine is unique in many ways. She puts out her best in whatever she does especially when it comes to Food Photography. I I have seen many of her work and enjoy them all.


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