Exotic Flavours by Keshia Sophia

Star Anise and Cinnamon are two of those spices which can just elevate a sweet dish – or even a savory one. In Western culture we love our sugar, but I feel that cinnamon and star anise is massively underrated. There is something so delicate about these spices and I wanted to capture that sentiment in the photograph. We often find spices such as these being used as a prop or a styling element for finished dish. There was something special about giving these star players their due and putting them centre stage. This was a great lesson in metering a subject to capture the tone perfectly especially when working in lower light conditions. I was fascinated by the various tones of browns and how they each stood out in their own right. Much like they do in any signature dish.

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Nikon D750 with 105.0 mm f/2.8 | Exposure 1/13 sec @ f/13.0 | ISO 800| Focal Length 105mm

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August 4, 2022



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Food Photography

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Galway, Ireland

Keshia is a food photographer and copywriter based in Galway. With a background in film, literature and creative writing, Keshia is a lover of stories in all their forms. Immersed in a culture of film and food from a young age has translated into a keen eye for cinematography with a love affair for authentic cuisine. She believes that every dish and product is unique. Her aim as a photographer is to provide the best setting for each individual creation to be heard authentically.

Keshia’s photographic style extends beyond simple texture and lighting. She strives to capture the story behind the dish. Her goal with food photography is always to create an emotional connection. For Keshia, food is not just ingredients combined. Food represents memories, heritage, culture and love. It is perhaps one of the more authentic forms of creative expression. This sensibility has shaped her style into one marked by intimacy. A desire to get up close and personal with each dish, and showcase its beauty from the eyes of the creator as opposed to merely the eyes of the beholder.

Ultimately her work aims to turn every dish into a language accessible to many but reflective of you.

Current Location
Galway, Ireland




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