The Little Farm Girl by Mirka Krivankova

Every morning this little girl takes care of the hens on her farm in Městec Králové. The parents have a small farm. The town of Městec Králové is located in the Nymburk district in the Central Bohemian Region, about 16 km northeast of the town of Poděbrady. Approximately 2,800 inhabitants live here. The towns of Nový and Vinice are also part of the town.

Canon EOS 1100D with EF 50mm | Exposure f/2.8 @ 1/500sec | Focal Length 50mm | ISO 400

Award Winner
Photo of the Day

Award Date
October 28, 2021



Value 12.5
Clarity 13
Composition 18
Style 13
Skill 12

Award Category
Portrait Photography

Photograph Location
Mestec Kralove, Czech Republic

Mirka Krivankova is a very promising photographer from Mestec Kralove in the Czech Republic. The photographs on her website depict everything from the gorgeous Czech countryside, to wonderful and interesting portraits of people at work and at play, and even include some documenting of a concert or two. Her use of formalism combined with the natural lighting and shadows in her portraits is absolutely wonderful. The combination helps add interest to the already eye-catching surroundings of her subjects, as well as the subjects themselves, while also leading the viewer’s eye entirely throughout the photographs. Mirka has a strong portfolio, but I feel as though it could be stronger if she removed the concert photos. Currently, they are the first series of photographs you see when you enter her site, and because they look more like out-of-place snapshots, rather than photographs taken by a skilled photographer, it lowered my first impression of her work. With that being said, Mirka’s portfolio is becoming stronger and stronger by the day. As I have been writing this review, she has updated it several times with new photographs as well as re-organizing the ones she has into more comprehensive bodies of work. She seems to be constantly adding to her portfolio, and I look forward to following her work as it continues to evolve.

Current Location
Mestec Kralove, Czech Republic




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