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Award Date
June 16, 2021



Value 12
Clarity 12
Composition 17
Style 12
Skill 12

Benjamin Mitchley was born in South Africa, in 1967. He studied fine arts at the Vaal Triangle Technicon in Van der Bijl Park and Pretoria Technicon. In his latest artworks he depict scenes of everyday life as seen in the paintings of the Impressionists. Photography plays a major part in the creation of his artwork. He sees a canvas when he looks through the viewfinder of his camera. Techniques in painting go hand in hand with photography. His camera helps him captures the moment when painting on canvas. A photograph taken in Switzerland was the inspiration to the finding of his new style of painting. His older artworks vary in style and technique, from realistic to abstract. He does commission work in painting on canvas, murals, sculpture, scenic painting, faux techniques, illustration and photography. He furthered his scenic and sculpture experience while working in Dubai, as well as South Africa. Ancient and classic artworks, architecture and surrounding land and city scapes, as well as the atmosphere and light of Germany, Italy, Portugal and Brazil, gave him a deeper sense of appreciation, and have influenced him greatly.

Current Location
Gauteng, South Africa




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