I am Jibaro Borinqueno by Jose Juniel Rivera-Negron

This photo was taken while visiting my beautiful Island of Borinquén that is called now Puerto Rico. Most of the tittle is in Spanish because it wouldn’t sound the same in English, but’ Jíbaro’ is a farmer who grows in his own farm and ‘Borinqueño’ is also called a person that was born in Puerto Rico. This was at my grandmother’s work field where I spent most of my childhood. I asked my uncle if he could pose a little with his “machete” in one hand and a whole branch of green bananas on his other. A very traditional phoyograph of a Jibaro Borinqueño.

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Nikon Z 50 with 16-50mm | Exposure 1/30sec @ f/6.3 | ISO 100 | Focal Length 50mm

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July 3, 2021



Value 11
Clarity 11
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Portrait Photography

Photograph Location
Camuy, Puerto Rico, the United States

Jose was born in the small tropical Island of Puerto Rico. Since a child he always had dreams, dreams to become a someone and travel the world. Then when he came to the USA, he confronted hard situations where streets, alcohol, and drugs was always there. However, after many years, one day he woke up and said “this is not for me”, so that’s when he went and completed rehabilitation. He thinks it is life that makes him to love photography, He wishes he had a camera in those crazy days to show the world how people are destroying their lives today. He wants to thank Light and Composition and its staff for letting him follow his dreams and achieve his goals and travel the world to show everyone that its possible even if you are 37 years old, is never to late for anything.

Current Location
Tampa, Florida, USA



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  1. Heather Dafgard
    Heather Dafgard says:

    I like how you have chose to do this picture in black and white it brings it nostalgia was that the reason?


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