Roots! by Anna Cicala

While in Tobermory which has wonderful views of the Bruce Peninsula I took another one of my famous hikes and see this incredible, massive tree. I had thought to myself I can only imagine how many years, decades this tree’s been around, how many stories it could tell and that lead me to think about us as humans how many stories we can pass on, our ancestors, generations before and ahead of us that can tell all the stories we can share along the way.

Nikon P900 | Exposure 1/320sec @ f/5.6 | ISO 800 | Focal Length 100mm

Award Winner
Photo of the Day

Award Date
January 27, 2021



Value 11
Clarity 11
Composition 16
Style 11
Skill 11

Award Category
Nature Photography

Photograph Location
Tobermory, Canada

Anna Cicala is a 40 year old born and raised Canadians! She has a passion for nature, and wildlife. She is a true believer that thought and emotion can be evoked through photography and content. She loves being outdoors and travelling the world capturing moments that will last a lifetime. Pictures are time stamps where life is counted down by the second. She hopes to inspire others with her photography, and content and hopes they can be as impactful in their daily lives and routines as much as they are for her.

Current Location
Ontario, Canada


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8 months ago

I love the black and white. Great job!

Anna Cicala
Anna Cicala
Reply to  Lynda
8 months ago

Thank you.

8 months ago

What a wonderful black and white. The detail of the roots look like they could go as deep as the stories.

Anna Cicala
Anna Cicala
Reply to  Melissa
8 months ago

Yes! And what spectular stories it would be able to share!