Winter in Mountains by Frank Ivar Hansen

Winter day in mountains is pretty with snow and ice on tree and mountain. This was on an icy winterday in alone in mountains. While the sun slowly rises in landscape with snow and ice. These are the minutes of the day that make dreams come true, the silence, only the mountains and you. The light in landscape is magical, the time when we have time to understand the nature, the voice from “Mother Earth”. Rondane national park was the first national park in Norway (1962).

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Canon EOS70D with Sigma 17-55 mm | Exposure 1/125sec f/11 | ISO 100 | Focal Length 39mm

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September 10, 2020



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Born in 1956 in Moss, Norway. Frank Ivar Hansen is a writer and photographer. His member of Biofoto, an organization of photographers in Norway. Frank Ivar buy his first camera then he was 15 years old so he has been photographing many years, and has a collection, of images of flowers, birds, insect, art and general landscapes. Images inLight & Composition is from his Instagram galleryHe have wrote 3 books about nature in Norway.

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Moss, Norway




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