Surrounding Eternity by Pavel Yudin

Krasnokholmsky St. Nicholas Anthony Monastery – a restored man’s monastery. It was founded in 1461. In the 1930s, the monastery was destroyed. All artistic and historical values, objects of worship, culture and everyday life of the Middle Ages and the New Age were lost.
Human life is short. The material creations of man, built even from the most durable material, are destroyed under the pressure of time. Ideas can overcome millennia and exist almost forever, as the most durable material of human activity. 200,000 years of humanity is infinity for one person .. But this is a moment for the universe.

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Apple iPhone 7 | Exposure 1/2740sec @ f/1.8 | ISO 20 | Focal Length 4mm

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May 7, 2020



Value 11
Clarity 11
Composition 17
Style 12
Skill 11

Photograph Location
Krasnokholmsky, Russia

Yudin Pavel, from incredible city of St. Petersburg, Russia. Нas a PhD degree in engineering. In 2003, he received the State Prize of the Russian Federation for young scientists for outstanding work in the field of science and technology. Mostly works in IT, web development and finds creative inspiration in possibilities. Photography is his pure strong passion captures beautiful moments of existing live and way to share the world full of traveling, friends, love and dreams

Current Location
Saint-Petersburg, Russia


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