A Village Girl by Azam Vaez

My photographer friends and I once went to a beautiful village with amazing views. Their houses are old. And the people there love to keep up their local costumes. When I was taking photographs, this girl Fatima came to see us, welcomed our guests, and then Fatima’s brother and mother came to meet us too. I took a few shots of Fatima. She was surprised to see the cameras. When I showed her the photos, she was really happy.

Canon Kiss x4 | Wxposure 1/100 @ f/6.3 | Focal Lenght 28mm | ISO 100

Award Winner
Photo of the Day

Award Date
March 9, 2020



Value 12.5
Clarity 12.5
Composition 18
Style 13
Skill 12

Award Category
Portrait Photography

Photograph Location
Esfahan, Iran

Azam Vaez was born in 1971 in Isfahan, Iran. She is now an art teacher, teaching students various fields of art. She loves nature, lifestyle, street, travel, and architectural photography. She believes photography can give us positive energy. Azam loves traveling around the world. Her solo exhibition exhibited in her hometown focused a photo of Mecca. She has also been participated in the provincial championships for photography several times.

Current Location
Esfahan, Iran


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hamidreza zarini
hamidreza zarini
3 years ago

nice photo

Azam Vaez
Azam Vaez
Reply to  hamidreza zarini
3 years ago