Screen Printing by Jabbar Jamil

I went to a football factory for a visit, they have different sections as labor work is divided to speed up the process. This was screen printing, they take a single piece and print the text or company logo on it. 5 to 6 people were working on this single desk. They print and put it behind in the racks.

Canon 60D | Exposure 1/400sec @ f/2.8 | ISO 640 | Focal Length 140mm

Award Winner
Photo of the Day

Award Date
January 1, 2020



Value 11
Clarity 10
Composition 16
Style 11
Skill 10

Award Category
Documentary Photography

Photograph Location
Sialkot, Pakistan

Jabbar Jamil is a street photographer based in Sialkot. Street photography gives him opportunity to leave his comfort zone and connect with the outside world; it allows him to make more connections than photographs. Photography to him is a means to express his creativity and at the same time a great stress buster. He photographs what he sees and what he see is not always beautiful.

Current Location
Sialkot, Pakistan





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José J. Rivera-Negrón
José J. Rivera-Negrón
8 months ago

strikes me the most is how workers  carefully do there art work.