Vecchio Alpino by Mauro Squiz Daviddi

I took this photo on March 25, 2012, in Ozzano dell’Emilia Bologna. On the occasion of a meeting with the Alpine company. This elder had an interesting face, absorbed in his thoughts with a stick of licorice in his mouth. I was hoping he would stay in that position. It didn’t move for a minute. He kept thinking. So I had time to take the photo.

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Canon 500D with Sigma 70-300mm | Exposure ƒ/6.3 @ 1/200sec | Focal Length 270 mm | ISO 800

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Photo of the Day

Award Date
December 6, 2020



Value 12
Clarity 12
Composition 17
Style 13
Skill 12

Award Category
Portrait Photography

Photograph Location
Ozzano dellEmilia, Bologna, Italy

Mauro Squiz Daviddi born in Bologna in 1966. Started photographing in 1976 with the camera of his father, a Vitoret Voigtländer. Photography is his love, and in 1986 Mauro obtained the degree of “Master of Art” at the Art Institut of Bologna. He Has exhibited his photographs in many European countries.

Current Location
Ozzano dell’Emilia, Bologna, Italy




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