Fortress in Girona by Denis Talypov

This fall I traveled to Spain. I could not miss the opportunity to visit the city of Girona. Such a multifaceted and magical city. Modest and at the same time alluring. The spaces of this city attract all over again. Walking around the city I did not let the camera out of my hands. I wanted to capture this magic in the frame and share this story.

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Fujifilm X-A5 with FUJINON XC 15-45mm F 3.5-5.6 | Exposure 1/180sec @ f/4 | ISO 320 | Focal Length 15mm

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April 22, 2020



Value 12
Clarity 12
Composition 17
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Skill 12

Photograph Location
Girona, Spain

Denis Talypov was born in Perm. In search of new knowledge and discoveries, he came to Yekaterinburg. He studied the art of architecture in the Ural State University of Architecture and Art. Now lives in Yekaterinburg and travels in his free time. His hobby is photography. He dreamed of taking photographs from the age of 15, but he could not get his first camera until after 7 years. He says photography is an opportunity to see the world in a new light and share experiences with people.

Current Location
Ekaterinburg, Russia


52 replies
  1. Vladislava
    Vladislava says:

    Люблю черно-белые кадры.Сразу захотелось прогуляться по старому городу и окунуться в его историю.

    • Denis
      Denis says:

      Тоже обожаю черно-белые снимки. Жирона идеально подходит для прогулок в любое время года и в любое время суток.

  2. Evgeny
    Evgeny says:

    Wow! Denis, this is a very cool photo, it feels like space. And of course-the Golden ratio. Each of the textures in its place. You’re good, good luck with your work.

  3. Sergey
    Sergey says:

    Прекрасно! очень нравится композиция кадра и его плановость.

  4. Monoculus
    Monoculus says:

    Gray shades give the image a certain charm. Looking at the photo, you seem to be immersed in the past of antiquity.

    • Denis
      Denis says:

      Спасибо, Юля!
      Думаю кинематографичность кадру придает пропорция слайда.

  5. Харитон в.
    Харитон в. says:

    Добрый день всем, люблю красивые фото… Делать, смотреть на них, и даже больше сам процесс творчества, сотворения …. Старый город, все старые города чем то похожи.. этот снимок навеял мне виды Иерусалима, где я был…можно долго смотреть на такие снимки, думать, вспоминать… Очередную, старую как и сам этот мир историю. О жизни, о людях, об отношениях между людьми… Кадр хорош… Не отлично, но и не ужасно… Спасибо автору, и ждём новых работ!

  6. Люба Саникович
    Люба Саникович says:

    It seems that there are some boundaries, but there are none … Our consciousness goes farther and farther. It’s wonderful!

    • Denis
      Denis says:

      Security. A fortress in the past, and today an object of general attention and an amazing place for a traveler.

  7. Kanaro
    Kanaro says:

    You’ve managed to turn this narrow block-stone pavement with its walls that seem to shut now into an appealing view. I can almost feel the wall and breathe in the air there!
    It’s just mesmerizing!~


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