Step Away by Jean Baptiste Fernandez

After a big week of work in kitchen, strait after the service I take my car and camera. I road from Bergen to the hardangerfjord to reconnect with the wild and me. After one hour and crazy rain I take a break, turn on my camera. All the crazy landscape have seen on the road had act on me. I was feeling free and ready to step away.

Canon M3 – EF-M 55-200mm | Exposure 1/125sec @ f/4.5 | ISO 1600 | Focal Length 105mm

Award Winner
Photo of the Day

Award Date
September 14, 2019



Value 11
Clarity 11
Composition 17
Style 11
Skill 11

Award Category
Landscape Photography

Photograph Location
Hardangerfjord, Norway

Jean Baptiste Fernandez was born in the south of France in Toulouse. He started to learn to be a chef at 13 years old. He found photography to balance with that intense life. His works try to stop the time at a moment of freedom and contemplation of that feeling. He tries to work on that in pure contrast with what he does all week. Need to think at everything, anticipate all the time. For him shooting is an occasion to have time to feel the moment, express himself and and to feel the life outside of the kitchens.

Current Location
Oslo, Norway


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