South Indian Prawn Masala by Roselin Antony

Sundays are so special for us, as we are in the weekend mood and I usually prepare some non-veg dishes. So, I got these fresh tiger prawns from the local fish market and made prawn masala with South Indian spices as an accompaniment for steamed rice. Prawns are my lil’ ones favourite and she relished this dish more than anything else. As part of sharing the recipe in my food blog(, I have taken the pic of my preparation.

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Redmi Note Pro 5 | Exposure 1/20sec @ f/2.2 | ISO 640 | Focal Length 4mm

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September 13, 2019



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Navi Mumbai, India

Roselin Antony is from Southern parts of India. She believes that she has a close connection to creativity and art which she has realised and expressed in various stages of her life. In her childhood days, she has indulged in poetry, painting, and sculpture, in a more intrinsic way. As she entered into family life, she found her new passion in cooking and started her own blog in 2012. Besides that she also worked as a marketing professional in corporate companies and as assistant professor in a college teaching the management students. Now, her full time is dedicated to follow her passion. She believes that through photography she can connect emotionally with people across globe. As a budding photographer, she constantly strives hard to present her food photos in a more appealing way.

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Navi Mumbai, India






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