Local Seller by Ashraf Huseynli

While walking in local grocery shopping center of Baku, Vasmoy bazar and trying to shoot some photos to demonstrate the life of sellers, I found out this man selling potatoes. He was very positive and easy-going person. However, a long-term tiredness and care can be seen in his eyes. The sellers spend all their day in noisy, uncomfortable and difficult conditions for low income. They spend their time outdoor in hot days of summer and freezing winter.

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Nikon D3100 with 24-105mm| Exposure 1/640sec @ f/2.2 | ISO 1600 | Focal Length 50mm

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September 12, 2019



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Portrait Photography

Photograph Location
Baku, Azerbaijan

Born in a small town named Yevlakh in Azerbaijan. Ashraf now studies engineering bachelor’s degree. He mostly takes film and portrait photos. Ashraf’s ambition to take photos is to show the stories hidden in human faces. The photos in his portfolio are now from the daily life of Azerbaijan, but he is thinking about travelling all around the world and gather as many stories as he can.

Current Location
Istanbul, Turkey



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