Golden Temple by Nicole Laris

This temple has 4 entrances, one in each side, which represent the opening of the Sijs to every religion. The temple is open to anyone, without discrimination of religion, nationality, sex, color or ace. There are not restrictions to come in, just to cover your head, wear appropriate clothing, no using shoes and to have a seat as a respect to Adi Granth.

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NIKON D7000 | Exposure 1/100 s @ f/3.4 | ISO 250 | 24 mm

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July 27, 2019



Value 12
Clarity 12
Composition 18
Style 13
Skill 11

Award Category
Night Photography

Photograph Location
Amritsar, India

Born and raised in Mexico City, Nicole Laris relocated in Berlin, Germany in 2018 to follow her true passion, photography. Within the years of experience in Mexico, photography never represented more than a part-time job, until the spark of traveling came along and self grown started to be the main goal in life. Believing in art, in your art, will contribute to society in levels of inspiration you can’t imagine, which will eventually will lead to become the best version of yourself.After getting a degree in the entertainment management business, life became a routine with the main goal of going where the money was, without time or opportunities to discover hidden talents, passions or inspirations. Decided to pack a camera and give adventure a go. It has become challenging, I won’t lie, besides the job opportunities, there is always self doubt and insecurity to take risks, but photography has been a life changing lesson, it has made grow, learn, teach, read, be confident and always try to get better from the mistakes made in the past, this includes from photography to personal decisions.

Current Location
Berlin, Germany



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