Green Bee-Eater and the Rays of Sun by Sarthak Pattanaik

It was weekend and I was near a lake searching for birds. After walking for an hour near the lake side.I found this bird sitting on a branch near the lake at the time the sun was about to set and the rays of the sun made the bird look beautiful.

Canon Eos M50 with Sigma 150-600mm | Exposure 1/1000sec @ f/6.3 | Focal Length 562 mm | ISO 1250

Award Winner
Photo of the Day

Award Date
December 17, 2019



Value 12
Clarity 12
Composition 17
Style 12
Skill 12

Award Category
Wildlife Photography

Photograph Location

Born in India, Sarthak lives in Cuttack,Odisha.He is 17 years old. Sarthak loves to capture landscape and Wildlife of India. He spends most of his free time exploring various natural habitats,forests,Waterfalls.His father is his best friend and accompanies him during various adventures.He is a aspiring photographer with a dream to become No.1 and to create awareness among people about the importance of trees and wildlife.

Current Location
Cuttack, India


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