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Endless Joy by Nirupam RoyEndless Joy by Nirupam Roy

Endless Joy by Nirupam Roy

This photograph was taken in my school. It was the time of having mid-day meal, and the students were very eager to have their lunch. It was always in my mind to capture their jolly faces at that time, so on that day I brought my camera. Though it was not right to take camera in the school, but I took permission from the higher authority, and very cautiously took my desired shot from a distance.
Ten Innocent Compartments by Somnath ChakrabortyTen Innocent Compartments by Somnath Chakraborty

Ten Innocent Compartments by Somnath Chakraborty

Really it’s a story for me. A sublime poetic vision I ever got. It was a click that I steal in course of returning from Gourdwaho after a daylong exhaustive searching for new one. Ya, “Ten Innocent Compartments” who are not acquainted with the new gaming ideas, but they turned my frame into Painting. You know, while I was shooting this frame I was still listening their voice actually pretending to release whistle and that that sound “Kuuuuuuuu Jhick Jhick” and so on. Though I know that how far I am concerned and I have been attached with perfection and authenticity of this frame, but I really wanted to share the series of innocence once I have been luckily gifted.
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