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Photo of the day 28042013 21

Sweet Croissant, by Nazmul Shanji

Once I visited Cardiff, the heart and capital of Wales, for a short trip. It was a sunny Sunday. And on the street we found a small food festival, where many people from different countries were selling delicious food, so I took this photo when…
Photo of the day 20122010

Old Stone Farm House, by John Tudor

A little bit off the beaten track this old stone farm house must have been a hard please to work and live in, after been left open to the whether for many years it’s now just rack and ruin, the living life that dwells here now are maybe some…
Photo of the day 15122010

Hill Top Farm, by John Tudor

This dark and grey ruin at one time was a home to a family of eight, having spoken to one of the sons that grow up here, Emlyn Williams, he told me of fond times, sadly Mr Williams recently past away but did celebrate his 90th birthday, just…