Ambassador Success Stories

Case studies listed in this page always inspire and motivate us. See how someone like you, a photography enthusiastic, an armature or professional photographer, became an ambassador and successfully doing the job with a well-paid earning.

Case Study 1: José Juniel Rivera-Negrón

José Juniel Rivera-Negrón, one of our students from the Diploma in the Fundamental of Photography became a university ambassador not that long ago. His success lies how he creatively uses social media to share his every step of his learning in the diploma program. He shared the stories of when he bought a new camera, when he was doing a lesson, and even how he achieved top grades. These simple shares do encourage others, who want to be photographers and enroll in the Diploma programs. You should know that direct shares and direct marketing do not always help, it’s your everyday activities that people get interested in and cares about. You have to make them get involved in that.

Notice how he wrote few lines about the program he is in and politely asking his friends, family, and especially those people who care about him by sharing stories of his grade.